Vermont Appeals Lower Court Order that Gave Rocky Anderson More Time to Complete Petition

On August 15, the Vermont Secretary of State and Attorney General asked the Vermont Supreme Court to reverse the lower court order that had given Justice Party presidential nominee Rocky Anderson more time to get his signatures verified by town clerks. In the meantime, Anderson now only needs ten more verified signatures, which he will probably obtain on August 16. The case is Anderson v State of Vermont.

The Vermont Supreme Court now has two cases before it on relating to the June petition deadline for independent candidates. As noted in earlier posts, Vermont is tied for having the nation’s earliest petition deadline for independent presidential candidates. The state it is tied with is North Carolina.


  1. If the deadline is invalidated then it would help the Constitution party. If not then they miss the ballot in Vermont.

  2. richard
    does virgil goode still have a chance to get on?

  3. @ #2 not likely. The Secretary of state will not accept our petitions because the lawsuit rocky anderson won only mentions him.

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    I think the Constitution and Green Parties do have a chance to get on in Vermont for president. If the Vermont Supreme Court rejects the Secretary of State’s appeal, that sends a message that the law is unjust. Secretary of State is elected by the voters, and generally elected Secretaries of State don’t like bad publicity about themselves.

  5. When will the Supreme Court take up the case and when can we expect a verdict?

  6. I think it is doubtful, regardless of the outcome, for the CP to make it onto the presidential ballot this cycle. If Anderson v. Vermont does withstand the challenge by the Sec of State and the AG, it does not gaurentee an extension for all candidates. In particular, the extension granted to the Anderson campaign will have already passed when the Supreme Court rules on the matter. As of now, this is only a matter of the Anderson campaign and does not affect the standing of either the Stein or Goode campaigns. I would highly doubt the court would throw out the deadline all together.

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