Hearing Set in Washington State Case over Definition of "Political Party"

A Washington state superior court will hear oral arguments in Libertarian Party of Washington State v Reed on Thursday, August 23. This is the lawsuit on whether the Republican Party is a ballot-qualified party in that state.


  1. If they set party qualification for the Primary vote, and make it 5% of those who vote in a race, we’d have an “Independent Party”, based on Insurance Commisioner voting for Beherns.

    The draw back of an affirmative out come of this case is that the Dems would truly have aone-party state in WA. And no doubt the GOP would requalify. And Romney being on the ballot of not won’t effect the election. Obama is going to sweep WA either way.

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    If the lawsuit wins, a better outcome is that the legislature would go into special session and pass a better definition of “party”. Even the Secretary of State’s 2009 bill to fix this problem did that, and proposed a 1% vote test for president to define “major party”, which is the Washington state term for “qualified party.”

    Another good outcome could conceivably be that the July 28 deadline would be struck down as too early, which would give Romney time to collect 1,000 signatures.

  3. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    I believe the 1912 election was the last one where the Republican Party Nominee failed to get on the ballot in all states.

  4. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    It could actually be beneficiary for the republicans if Romney is not listed on the Washington state ballot. Romney is not likely to win Washington State, and if it becomes a two way race between Johnson in Obama in that state it could help through the election into the house in the event that there is no majority. That would lead to a Romney victory as the Republicans control a majority of house delegations.

  5. @6 whoooee, wouldn’t that be interesting…if Romney doesn’t get on, then it’s a two-way dogfight between Johnson and Obama…

  6. oops I meant @5

  7. upstartgreen · · Reply

    Except it wouldn’t be a two-way dog fight. Jill Stein Green Party has qualified for the ballot in Washington. A couple of other 3rd Party candidates probably also qualified.

  8. @8 Other than Libertarian and Green also Constitution and Socialist Workers Party. As for if the Romney did not get on I’d say the bulk of Republicans would go to Constitution Party and/or Libertarian respectively.

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