Iowa Will List Eight Presidential Candidates

The Iowa Secretary of State’s web page shows that eight presidential candidates will appear on the November ballot. They are the nominees of the Democratic, Republican, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Party for Socialism and Liberation, and Socialist Workers Parties. Also an independent candidate, Jerry Litzel, qualified. His vice-presidential running mate is Jim Litzel. Here is a fairly recent newspaper story about Jerry Litzel, although it does not mention that he is running for president.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation’s presidential nominee in Iowa this year is Gloria La Riva, the stand-in for Peta Lindsay.


  1. I have to give credit to the PSL in their ballot efforts this year. They are my least favorite of the “socialist” parties but they seem to have their act together, relatively speaking.

  2. Where else will La Riva be on the ballot instead of Lindsay?

  3. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    There are quite a few unopposed candidates for state legislature in Iowa this year.

    La Riva is on the ballot in Colorado, Utah, Iowa, and Wisconsin

  4. They already checked the petition today?

  5. Bennett Rutledge · · Reply

    I notice that Romney and Obama are conspicuous by their absence from the actual candlist.pdf. SOMEBODY actually has realized that the Republicans and Democrats have NOT held their nominating conventions yet!

  6. Yes, the PSL has really taken the place of the Workers World Partyt as far as being a Leninist party that makes a sincere effort to get on the ballot in a handful of states.

  7. I believe the PSL was on the ballot for president in 12 states in 2008 and is already on in at least eight for 2012 (with more to come). Definitely the best organized socialist party in the US right now.

  8. “Yes, the PSL has really taken the place of the Workers World Party…”

    Probably a good thing-given that the WWP proudly supports lynch mobs:

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