The Guardian, one of Britain's Major Newspapers, Wonders if Mitt Romney was Properly Registered to Vote in Special U.S. Senate Election in Massachusetts

The Guardian, one of Great Britain’s leading newspapers, has this interesting story about Mitt Romney’s registering and voting in Belmont, Massachusetts, at a time when he owned no property in Massachusetts. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


  1. If this is true, and the Dems somehow know it’s true, Harry Reid for once in his life has show the capacity to put someone else’s nuts in a political vice. Reid lies, but to prove him a liar Romney would have to reveal himself as a felon. He, a member of the party that’s advancing voter ID laws to stop voter fraud.


    And this, from:

    Ann Romney: “We have been transparent to what’s legally required of us,” Romney said. “But the more we release, the more we get attacked, the more we get questions, the more we get pushed. We have done what’s legally required, and there’s going to be no more tax releases given. And there’s a reason for that. And that’s because of … what happens as soon as we release anything. Mitt’s financial disclosures when he was governor were huge.

    “The other thing you have to understand is that Mitt is honest, his integrity is, is just golden. We pay our taxes …. Beyond paying our taxes, we also give 10% of our income to charity. So we have no issues that way, and the only reason we don’t disclose any more is, you know, we just become a bigger target.”

    Morales: “So it’s because you will just continue to face more questions?”

    “Well, it will just give them more ammunition,” Romney replied.

    Morales: “To the American people though, when they hear about perhaps accounts with your name on it overseas, and tax shelters, they feel like you may be hiding something.”

    “There’s nothing we’re hiding,” Romney said. “We’ve had a blind trust for, how many years? We don’t even know what’s in there. We’ve had a blind trust since before Mitt was governor, you know, 2002 forward. And so you know, I’ll be curious to see what’s in there, too.”


    Tell you what, honey…you show me mine, and I’ll show you yours. Heck, I had to show my tax return to a clerk at the YMCA to get a discount on my membership rates.

  2. It doesn’t matter, the two parties have merged into one:
    On the prosecution of fraud following the Savings and Loan Crisis: Our agency filed over 10,000 criminal referrals that resulted in over 1,000 felony convictions. We worked closely with the FBI and the Justice Department, to prioritize cases—creating the top 100 list of the 100 worst institutions which translated into about 600 or 700 executives. We went after the absolute worst frauds.

    On the prosecution of fraud following the current crisis: We now have appointed anti-regulators. The FBI warned in open testimony in the House of Representatives, in September 2004, that there was an epidemic of mortgage fraud, and they predicted that it would cause a financial crisis if it were not contained. It was not contained. Since then we have had zero criminal referrals. They completely shut down making criminal referrals. Both the Bush Administration and the Obama Administration have not made it a priority to prosecute these elite criminals who caused this devastating injury.

  3. Trivialities like the above are brought up so everyone will forget about stuff like this:
    A criminal investigation into the collapse of the brokerage firm MF Global and the disappearance of about $1 billion in customer money is now heading into its final stage without charges expected against any top executives.

    After 10 months of stitching together evidence on the firm’s demise, criminal investigators are concluding that chaos and porous risk controls at the firm, rather than fraud, allowed the money to disappear, according to people involved in the case.

    “Chaos and porous risk controls.” Remember that phrase if you’re ever called in for an audit by the IRS. 🙂

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