Sometimes Election Law is Funny

People interested in numbers and mathematics will especially enjoy this story. Thanks to Rick Hasen for the link.


  1. Lawlz…

  2. Jim Riley · · Reply

    Councilmember/Retired Aviator vs Businessman

    probably provides a better distinction.

    It is a 2-member race, so it is possible that both Bob’s could be elected.

  3. Mark Seidenberg · · Reply

    Jim Riley,

    I think that CA Election Code 13118 now needs to be amended by adding the word “counting” before the word
    “number”. What do you think?

    The American Independent Party central committee for
    Sacramento County had a similar problem when the SOS
    Bowen notice the election official for Sacramento County
    that one of the Assembly Districts had zero number of
    offices for a small populated section of a part of an
    assembly district in that county. After I informed the
    Election Division that zero was not a positive integer
    and the number must be one (1), they renoted the Sacramento County election official of their error in

    Here Joanne Baade is following the law, since zero is a
    whole number, but it has no + or – value.

    Do you agree with me that a good practice would be the
    names with the number “0” and number “1” should be printed with near equal amounts as to first order?

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman, American Independent Party of California

  4. Jim Riley · · Reply

    When Texas used paper ballots each square was numbered. Candidates might even encourage marking a particular square. The straight ticket boxes were at the top of the ballot, and you can mark the box and be finished. Voters would be encouraged to “Vote for One and You’ll be Done” or “Vote for Two and You’ll be Through”.

    In Texas, according to Election Code 52.013, candidates with the same or similar surnames may have a 4-word description of either their residence or present or former profession, occupation, or position. That seems a better solution than assigning arbitrary numbers.

    Since the ballot in San Clemente will say “Vote For Two or Less”, and there are no candidates named Les, Leslie, or Lester, Zero’s ploy may cost him votes that he would have gotten had he chosen Two.

  5. Mark Seidenberg · · Reply

    Jim Riley

    I spoke with Joanne Baade and that fool thinks that the
    “zero” is a “counting number” before the number “1”. Of the six running for the two spots both Bakers are in
    5 and 6 place.

    Why do you think zero ploy will cost him votes? If I
    was Barker and wanted a ploy, I would have stated the
    reply as “googolplex”. This issue might be all for

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Chairman,
    American Independent Party of California

  6. Jim Riley · · Reply


    If the ballot says Vote For Two or Less

    Wouldn’t it be an advantage to be Les, Leslie, Lester or Two?

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