Independent Party of Connecticut Nominates Rocky Anderson for President

On August 21, the Independent Party of Connecticut, which is ballot-qualified for President, nominated Rocky Anderson for President. The party had nominated Ralph Nader in 2008, and because he polled over 1%, that party retained its qualified status for that particular office for 2012. Thanks to Darcy Richardson for this news.


  1. God bless the Independent Party of Connecticut! Rocky Anderson is a good man, who certainly deserved better from the fickle finger of fate than he’s received this election cycle.

  2. I continue to wish that progressive-minded individuals who wish to vote for an alternative presidential candidate would support Jill Stein. I can understand that there are obstacles making it difficult for the Green Party to increase the appeal of their message of sustainability. However I don’t think Mr. Anderson’s movement will make much headway in establishing itself as a permanent movement, or a permanent party, large enough to supplant the Greens. At least not this year. Mr. Anderson and his supporters would be more productive by getting involved with the Greens, maybe offering their input with regard to the platform, running for congressional seats, and supporting the Stein campaign….

    Thank you.

  3. I believe the above video clearly demonstrates the situation in the third party left at this point.

  4. Austin Cassidy · · Reply

    @2 – Jill Stein didn’t manage to make it on the ballot in Connecticut.

  5. Illinois Socialist · · Reply

    Good for Rocky! Getting a little tired of this whole Green Party argument that every independent or 3rd Party member is supposed fall into line and support the Stein campaign.

    It takes a lot of gall for the Greens to eliminate all left rivals in Illinois and then tell some of these same people that they should be supporting the Green Party as the only alternative to the Dems and Repubs.

    Those two are right wing capitalist parties. The Greens are a liberal capitalist party. Not all of us are capitalists. So why should we support the Greens?

  6. #5- I couldn’t agree more. While not every Green carries this trait, the “go Green or go home” nonsense forced on the Left in the United States gets very tiring, very quickly.

  7. Brad Cox · · Reply

    That’s good news for Rocky considering this campaign is full of bad news for him lately it seems. Kinda hopeful the IP of New York nominates him as well but i’m doubtful

  8. Any word on whether or not Connecticut for Lieberman nominated anyone for President?

  9. citizen1 · · Reply

    The CLP party does not have status for president.

  10. citizen1 · · Reply

    The Independent Party said they want a national candidate. Anderson will be on in several states but it appears that they only attempted to get on in states were the requirement was minimal. Virgil Goode’s campaign reached out to the Independent Party but I do not know if anyone was able to attend the caucus that that could but his name in nomination as the caucus was scheduled for a time that I could not be there.

  11. Tom Yager · · Reply

    #5 I know that the Socialists have substantial differences with the Greens, so running their own Presidential candidates makes sense. Rocky Anderson is not a Socialist, but the non-Socialist left now makes it habitual to run two parallel Presidential campaigns. It just looks like a crazy split for crazy split’s sake.

    The Democrats don’t run two center-right candidates in parallel Presidential campaigns. The Republicans don’t run two far right candidates in parallel Presidential campaigns.

    I didn’t support the challenges in Illinois, BTW.

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