West Virginia Secretary of State Says Libertarian Petition is Valid; Randall Terry Petition Still Being Checked

This year, only two statewide independent or minor party petitions were submitted in West Virginia for statewide office. The Libertarian petition, listing Gary Johnson for President and David Moran for Governor, has enough valid signatures. The state is still checking the other petition, for Randall Terry as an independent presidential candidate.

The ballot-qualified parties in West Virginia are Democratic, Republican, and Green (the name of the Green Party in West Virginia is the Mountain Party).


  1. W000000t!

    Does Randall Terry have ballot access in any other states?

  2. #1, according to Wikipedia he does not. I wonder if he’ll pay the 500 dollars for Louisiana.

  3. I know he is a write-in in Colorado, and that he is trying to petition his way onto the Kentucky and Nebraska ballots.

  4. raymond · · Reply

    Anybody voting for a third party candidate in WV for president or governor should also vote Raymond V Davis III for WV House of Delegates. http://davisforwvhouse.webs.com

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