Arizona Top-Two Initiative May Not Have Enough Valid Signatures

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office has not yet said how many valid signatures were submitted by proponents of a top-two open primary. However, preliminary data from most of the counties suggest that there may not be enough. Also, apparently some of the petitions were gathered by circulators who don’t live in Arizona and who did not register with the Secretary of State. Arizona permits out-of-state circulators, but requires that out-of-state circulators register with the Secretary of State before working. See this story. Also see this story.


  1. Micah Black · · Reply

    This could turn out to be fantastic news. I will contain some of the excitement as there is always a chance when something goes to court. Surely, though, I hope this battle is won for now.

  2. Larry Allred · · Reply

    This is a delightful development.

  3. YES!!! Slaughter top two, AZ!

  4. If any petition deserves to fail to make the ballot, it is this one.

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