Nevada Will File an Appeal of "None of the Above" Decision with the Ninth Circuit

See this article, which says the Nevada Secretary of State will ask the Ninth Circuit to put “None of these candidates” back on the ballot. The U.S. District Court Judge still has not written his opinion, however, and it is not clear that the state can appeal before the written opinion is out. The U.S. District Court also refused to stay its own opinion.


  1. Jim Riley · · Reply

    They could just require a majority for an election and require a runoff otherwise.

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    That’s not easy to do for a presidential election. There wouldn’t be time for the run-off, because (1) the federal law that says ballots must be mailed 45 days before the run-off; (2) the electoral college meets in mid-December.

    But Instant Runoff Voting would work.

  3. 1 –

    I wonder how many Nevada voters have “None of the above” as their second choice.

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