Independence Party of New York Seems Secretive About its Presidential Nomination Event

New York state law requires ballot-qualified parties to choose their presidential elector candidates no later than September 10 this year. The New York Independence Party state chair, Frank MacKay, had previously said that the Independence Party of New York will choose a presidential candidate on September 24. However, a date that late is not permitted. Parties that engage in fusion for president must coordinate their choice of presidential elector candidates with the major party that is running the same presidential candidate; the two lists must be identical.

Repeated inquiries to chairman McKay about the actual date of the selection have gone unanswered. Perhaps someone reading this blog post knows the answer, or has some suggestions on how to obtain the answer.


  1. Similar behavior as in 2000 when he chose Hagelin.

  2. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    I will be happy to add this issue to an active 2012 election lawsuit getting underway in Albany Civil Supreme.

  3. Some money or favors will be exchanged by September 10th and they’ll have their nominee.

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