Michigan Secretary of State Fights Attempt by Libertarian Party to Expedite the Gary Johnson Ballot Access Case

The Michigan Secretary of State is trying to persuade a U.S. District Court not to expedite the case Libertarian Party of Michigan v Johnson. See the state’s brief here. Here is the Libertarian Party’s rebuttal brief. This is the case over whether Gary Johnson should be on the ballot.


  1. Jonathan · · Reply

    pieces of shit. can i say that.

  2. keep on fighting, libs. keep on.

  3. Right in the brief – they have incorrect info in the 1st paragraph on page 2 – I dont know about your time zone but it is only Aug 23, 2012 here in my state of Hawaii.

    “Prior to his unsuccessful run for said nomination, Gary Johnson announced, on or about December 28, 2012, that he would be seeking the presidential candidate nomination from the Libertarian Party”….

  4. Darcy G Richardson · · Reply

    Good catch, Cat. I guess that’s Ruth Johnson’s way of subtly acknowledging that the Libertarians have always been ahead of their time.

  5. Michigan Sec of State…gutless coward.

  6. Gary Odom · · Reply

    I thought “sore loser” laws were a thing of the past? Probably it is just me that is a thing of the past.

  7. Larry West · · Reply

    I thought that the case was not over “whether Gary Johnson should be on the ballot,” but WHICH Gary Johnson — the one from New Mexico or the one from Texas.

  8. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #8, the Sec. of State has refused to list either one. Nor has she listed Jim Gray for vice-president. The lawsuit does not bring up the issue of why she didn’t list Gary Johnson of Texas.

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