Maine PAC Linked to Republican Party is Running Broadcast Ads Boosting Democratic Nominee, in Effort to Defeat Independent Candidate Angus King

According to this story, a Maine PAC linked to the Republican Party is running ads in Maine, boosting the U.S. Senate candidacy of Cynthia Dill. Dill is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, but she is running a distant third behind Angus King (the leading independent candidate) and the Republican nominee. Presumably Republicans hope to persuade King voters to instead support Dill.

The Treasurer for the PAC, which is called Maine Freedom, also serves as the General Counsel to the Republican Governors Association.


  1. Maine Republicans are obviously pussies.

  2. Ad content (from the article):

    “For Senate–Angus King or Cynthia Dill? Both are reliable Obama allies on healthcare and taxes. But there are differences. Cynthia Dill is pro-labor and supports raising the minimum wage. Angus King vetoed it. Dill is known as a bold progressive and a champion of marriage equality and stronger gun laws. Cynthia Dill–a Democrat you can feel good about. Maine Freedom is responsible for the content of this advertising.”

    One thing I like about this ad is that the Tea bagger Republican who had to pen those words is probably still in hospital getting electro-shock therapy.

    Another thing I like is any waste of money by the Republican party. Charlie Summers doesn’t stand a chance against King. And yes, he is a pussy, Brad.

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