Montana Rejects Jill Stein Petition; Says Only 48% of Signatures are Valid

Montana election officials have determined that the independent presidential petition for Jill Stein only had 3,263 valid signatures. The law requires 5,000. Stein is the Green Party nominee, and if her petition had succeeded, she would have the label “Green” on the ballot next to her name. She had submitted approximately 6,800 signatures.

No Green Party presidential nominee has been on the ballot in Montana since 2004. The ballot-qualified parties in Montana are Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, and Americans Elect.


  1. That seems like an awfully low validity rate!

  2. upstartgreen · · Reply

    I hope she takes them to Court and wins.

  3. She shouldn’t have spent all her money in Pennsylvania.

  4. Larry West · · Reply

    Met a couple of the Jill Stein petition gatherers in downtown Louisville, Kentucky this afternoon. They said that Jill Stein is running here as an Independent, instead of the Green Party, because the state required them to do so (incorrect), and that if you voted in a primary in Kentucky, you couldn’t sign their petition (also incorrect).
    I didn’t sign the petition — I’d rather have someone knowledgeable about local laws get whatever commission they get from obtaining my signature.
    I wonder if the Stein petitioners in Montana were just as ignorant of their petition laws as the two people I met this afternoon.

  5. #5 Thanks Larry. Thanks for being there for us.

  6. Allegations of petition fraud can be serious business in the UK-if you belong to the wrong party:

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