Republican National Convention Will Air Short Film Tribute to Ron Paul on Tuesday Evening, August 28

According to CBS News, the Republican convention will air a short film about Ron Paul on Tuesday night. See this story. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the link.


  1. Get a look at the comments!

  2. The Republicans are working hard to kick out those Ron Paul libertarians and now they just want their vote. Romney can’t win without the libertarians. Let’s hope those Ron Paul supporters vote for Gary Johnson.

  3. @2 absolutely. The RNC has been so busy trying to kill Ron Paul, now they are turning around and begging for his supporters to vote for Romney. The height of hypocrisy.

  4. No way I would vote for Romney. He is as crooked as every candidate the Elites slide in. He is not even “the lesser evil”. He is evil, period. The massive and blatant voter fraud against Ron Paul speaks volumes. Obama – Romney, not much difference. Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, or nothing.

  5. Seems like a sad end to his two primary campaigns. And I still se no evidence of the “Campaign for Liberty” having amounted to anything.

  6. Ron Paul is a Republican all they way!

  7. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Right now, I have no plans to vote for Romney. But I can’t philosophically make myself vote for Gary Johnson either. I had said if Virgil Goode makes the ballot, I will vote for him. But there is some concern of whether his name will make the ballot.

    But Dave (post #2) is right. Just like the Republicans want the vote of Christians, they don’t really appear to care for their values. Yes, they want the libertarians to vote for them too, but only will give “lip-service” to their values.

    That is another reason, why I am An Alabama Independent!

  8. @& Goode and Johnson will both be on the Alabama ballot.

  9. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Thanks Paulie. It is good to know Alabama voters will have a choice of four candidates for President. This is the way it should be.

  10. Most likely five.

  11. #5: I think the Campaign for Liberty is pretty effective. They are largely responsible for getting the Congress to pass the Audit the Fed bill, which is truly historical.

  12. citizen1 · · Reply

    Is this tribute still on the 28th?

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