Oregon Constitution Party Nominates Will Christensen for President

On August 18, the ballot-qualified Constitution Party of Oregon nominated Will Christensen for President. See here. Christensen will apparently not be on the ballot in any other state. He had formed the Independent American Party some time ago but it did not carry out any successful petition drives. The Independent American Parties of Nevada and New Mexico are not associated with Christensen’s party.

Christensen campaigns by listing his “dream cabinet”, which he hopes would include persons such as Congressman Allen West of Florida for Secretary of Defense, and Congressman Ron Paul for Secretary of the Treasury. However, there is no indication that these individuals are even aware of their status. Christensen attempted to obtain the presidential nomination of the American Independent Party of California earlier this month, but did not succeed. His vice-presidential running mate is Kenneth Gibbs.


  1. Reed Ebarb · · Reply

    This is just odd. Dream cabinet? Is it just me, or does the CP seem to be going downhill.

  2. So there are, or would be, three Independent American Parties?

  3. Seems very odd they didnt nominate Goode. Very odd choice. Don’t understand it at all

  4. Their are forces at work to minmize the Goode Ticket… I believe the GOP has implants in some of these states.

  5. Very, very strange and quizzical choice.

  6. Tom Yager · · Reply

    And the Reform Party of Kansas, which agrees with the Constitution Party, decided to nominate Chuck Baldwin. It looks like there will be only four candidates with a mathematical chance of reaching 270 electoral votes this time around.

  7. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Again, and again, and again. 3rd partisans are their own worst enemies.

  8. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    @3, from what I understand the Oregon Constitution Party is not affiliated with the national party. Therefore it’s not a huge surprise that Goode didn’t get the nomination

  9. Timothy Yung · · Reply

    @8, I understand why they did not give the nomination to Virgil Goode but why did they give their ballot line to someone who wants to make Allen West, Secretary of Defense?

  10. […] nominee. Christenson is, as far as IPR knows, not on any other ballots. Richard Winger, as usual, sheds some light on the situation. He had formed the Independent American Party some time ago but it did not carry out any successful […]

  11. J.D. FARGO · · Reply


  12. Even if the state party isn’t affiliated with the national party I find it a odd choice. Goode wouldn’t hurt Romney in Oregon. Or if he did it wouldn’t matter most likely.

  13. Robert K. Stock · · Reply

    What I have observed since 1992 is that while individual 3rd party members sincerely hope to change public policy via the ballot box, many of the leaders of the various 3rd parties are in it for the ego boost and do not realy want to win or change public policy.

    Many leaders of the 3rd parties prefer to be big fish in small ponds. They are not motivated by principle, but by self-gratification. Actually winning elections, or changing public policy would the worst nightmare come true for most 3rd party leaders.

  14. Gary Odom · · Reply

    The Constitution Party of Oregon was affiliated with the National CP until 2006 when they split off as a result of the Tampa/Nevada controversy. They did support Chuck Baldwin in 2008 and even sent a delegation to the 2008 national convention in Kansas City though still unaffiliated. Mary Starret of Oregon, who was their candidate for Governor in 2006 was hiared as the national CP communications director in late 2006 and served until 2010. She was always extremely loyal to the national party, as would be expected.

    Many people in the Oregon party have expressed their support for, or at least lack of antipathy to, the national party while others, I think, have come to enjoy their independent status. I think their current chairman has a dislike for the national party for some reason, which I believe has been the biggest impediment to reunion.

    If there is a problem, it is one-sided. We like them and would welcome them back in the fold.

    In the meantime it has been a very bizarre ballot access year for the Constitution Party. It’s a shame that end of things hasn’t gone a bit smoother because, without a doubt, Virgil Goode is the strongest candidate we have ever run for President. I think he will still make an impact that will surprise people when all is said and done.

  15. Craig M. · · Reply

    Regarding “I think he will still make an impact that will surprise people” from Gary:
    At this point, what I really don’t want to hear on Tuesday Nov 6th is nothing…………in other words silence regarding the CST by TV commentators. In 2010, I hurried home to hear coverage of Tom Tancredo’s Gubernatorial election in Colorado. Not a word. The margin of victory was bigger for Hickenlooper than the polls had indicated a few days earlier. This was going to be the big splash for the CST in the national media. The results from that race were showed much less frequently than the results of other elections. We need Goode to have a large enough percentage in states as to have the media show the stats. Between Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode, I would think that if the major channels do not show their numbers, viewers would at least wonder where the percentage vote is going since O’s votes and R’s voted will not add up to 100%.

  16. Michael · · Reply

    14) Careful. Sometimes people who are loyal and hard working, as would be expected, only end up with a knife in thier back. Loyalty to those running the CP must be earned.

  17. […] “Oregon Constitution Party Nominates Will Christensen for President”. Ballot Access News. Retrieved August 25, […]

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