South Bend, Indiana, Tribune Carries Op-Ed Criticizing Indiana's Ballot Access Laws

Andrew Straw, an Indiana Green Party activist, has this op-ed in the South Bend Tribune, criticizing Indiana’s ballot access laws. Straw seems to be the most energetic activist against Indiana’s ballot access laws in many decades. Indiana is one of only two states in which no statewide minor party or independent petition has succeeded in over ten years (the other such state is Georgia).


  1. Brad Cox · · Reply

    Ridiculous that a state that really isn’t that big in population has such high demands to get on the ballot. I wish they’d come to a reasonable law similar to Wisconsin or Minnesota or something like that.

  2. Illinois Socialist · · Reply

    The Socialist Party has two candidates for State Representative in the 39th and 94th Indiana Districts.

    In 1980 I petitioned in Indiana for Socialist Party Presidential candidate David McReynolds and I believe the amount needed was 2000.

  3. #2, in 1980, the Indiana requirement was 6,982. The 1980 session of the legislature quadrupled the requirement, from one-half of 1% of the last vote for Sec of State, to 2% of that same base. The change didn’t go into effect until 1983.

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