Ron Paul Won't Address Republican National Convention

Ron Paul says he won’t address the Republican national convention, because the offer to let him speak had two unacceptable conditions. See this story.


  1. Jonathan · · Reply

    I hope Ron Paul supporters understand this is a signal to them , to vote for whomever they want, in other words, vote for Gary Johnson !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. or virgil goode

  3. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Or anyone they choose. I hope he just goes away quietly. Never in the field of political endeavor have so many paid so much for so little.

  4. GreenGenes · · Reply

    And here
    I’m not a Libertarian but I do find it sad that he became a Republican rather than commit to building the Libertarian Party. That he be shunted aside at the Republican Convention is telling.

    I’d only hope that he’d make a clean break, endorse Johnson, actively work on the campaign and leave the Republican Party and run for his congressional seat as a Libertarian. Even if he retired after one term, that would be a great moral and political victory.

  5. Ron Paul Victory 2012 · · Reply

    Ron Paul can still win the Republican nomination.It will happen this week at the convention. Ron Paul and his fierce delegattes have a plan for victory and no one can stop it. Go Ron; victory is yours!

  6. Jonathan · · Reply

    Ron Paul could have made a difference but he sold out in 2008 and again in 2012. He could have run as a Libertarian. As far as Ron Paul Victory’s comment, can you say “insane” Sad part is most Ron Paul supporters believe this. very sad. The people that accuse others of being sheeple are sheeple themselves.

  7. Observer · · Reply

    I think Comment 5 is a troll…Most RP supporters aren’t really like that

  8. J.D. FARGO · · Reply


  9. Robert K. Stock · · Reply

    If Ron Paul won the GOP nomination he would rightly expect all registered Republicans to vote for him, whether they agreed with him on all issues or not. It is dishonest and wrong for Paul to not endorse Romney.

  10. @5 or anyone

    Wanna bet? Real FRNs? Bullion? Bitcoins? Amount?

  11. @6, I agree. Very disappointing that Paul put so much other people’s time, energy and money into two campaigns that ended in not much.

    Does anyone know if these PaulFest and whatnot had any talk about what they would do now, after the Republicans nominate the 1%er Romney.

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