Peace & Freedom Party is now Ballot-Qualified in Florida

The Florida Secretary of State’s web page shows that the Peace & Freedom Party is now a ballot-qualified party.


  1. Brad Cox · · Reply

    Wow. Good news for the Roseanne campaign. I get the feeling she’ll get on in Louisiana and that’s it. I guess being on in Florida and California isn’t all bad though. If she runs in 4 years I would imagine she’ll learn from this year and start much earlier with getting on ballots.

  2. #1- She made it on Colorado as well.

  3. @2 she got on? nice. Roseanne is on four states (if she can snag Louisiana) – Louisiana, California, Florida, and Colorado.

  4. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Since all Louisiana requires is a check for $500 and some paperwork, she is virtually assured to get on the ballot there. The Louisiana Secretary of States page list of qualified presidential candidates only lists James Harris so far, but the deadline isnt until September 4th, and i dont think the list has been updated in quite some time. I would imagine there will be at least 15 candidates on the ballot in Louisiana if not more

  5. Michael · · Reply

    She has a chance in several other states, by petition, fee, or if a state party names her.

  6. Louisiana has a residency requirement for presidential elector candidates, which is a barrier. A full slate is required.

  7. #4, 15 (or more) choices? I hope you’re right. With that many, maybe I’ll have one I can actually vote for. Maybe.
    Usually, we get around 8 to 10.

  8. #5, she’s been petitioning for states like Iowa, Minnesota and a few others and she never turns signatures in so it doesn’t seem she’s doing well. Her website says they’re looking for people in Rhode Island to try and get her on. But it’s said that for all those other states before as well where the deadlines have passed. So she does have a chance to make a few more ballots but i’m not sure she has the organization to get it done. I would like to see her get on in a few more states though.

  9. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    The residency requirement for electors that Richard mentioned will likely cut the number down a bit from the 15 that i predicted. For example, Jeff Boss from NJ had made statements that he would file to run in Louisiana but i doubt he will be able to meet the elector residency requirements if he does attempt to file since he is almost completely unknown outside of new jersey.

  10. I wish they weren’t doing this. I wish they’d offer their support for the Stein campaign or at least the Peta Lindsay campaign, and maybe run for congressional seats on the Green or PS&L line.

  11. jonathan · · Reply

    Don’t worry no one is voting for Roseanne Barr, lol.

  12. Matt Erard · · Reply

    The Socialist Party has now also officially restored its Florida ballot status.

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