Jon Barrie Wins New Mexico Ballot Access Lawsuit

On August 28, a lower New Mexico state court ruled that Independent American Party U.S. Senate nominee Jon Barrie should be on the November ballot. He will be the first person on a general election ballot for U.S. Senate in New Mexico (other than the Democratic and Republican nominees) since 1996. The 4-page decision interprets New Mexico law to mean that signatures are valid even if the voter had moved and had not yet re-registered at his or her new address, assuming there is no reason to suspect fraud or deception. The case is Barrie v Duran, D-101-cv-2012-02233.


  1. Cody Quirk · · Reply


  2. An Alabama Independent · · Reply

    Glad the Court ruled in the right decision.

    Also, wish the members of the Constitution Party in New Mexico would join this party and operate under the label of “Independent American,” for such a party name will draw more members than will the name “Constitution.”

    In fact, any use of “Independent American”, “American Independent” and even “Independent” in the party name will draw more members than will the label “Constitution.”

    Wake up Constitution Party!

  3. w00000t! Hooray for another ballot access victory for third parties!

  4. This is truly a victory that can be attributed to grass roots action – Jon had no money, no sophisticated network, just determination, stamina, and courage. Help him out at

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