Republican Party Nominates its Ticket

On August 28, the Republican Party nominated its presidential and vice-presidential nominees. Mitt Romney received 2,061 votes; Ron Paul 190; Rick Santorum 9; Buddy Roemer 1; Jon Huntsman 1; Michelle Bachmann 1. There were also 18 abstentions. See here for the state-by-state breakdown for Ron Paul. Thanks to Eric Garris for the link.


  1. the others were Ron Paul 189, Rick Santorum 9, Bachmann/Huntsman/Roemer 1 each. With 20-24 votes for uncommitted/abstain

  2. Time for the Johnson campaign to heavily court die-hard Paulites….

  3. mbelleville · · Reply

    Interesting that Johnson didn’t get any

  4. Jed Siple · · Reply


    Especially with the way Paul’s delegates were treated at the convention.

  5. Jeff Becker · · Reply

    Ron Paul is like a battered wife… he just keeps going back for more. If were really genuine, he would have left the GOP (and taken Rand with him) years ago.

  6. Once again, so much for the “brokered convention” idea.

    Unless the nominating process in either party changes radically from the way it is now, none of us will ever see another Democratic or Republican convention where the presidential nominee is not already known going into the convention, and we can disregard any pundits who think that will ever happen again.

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