Analysis of Arizona Primary Predicts a More Centrist Arizona Legislature

According to this analysis, published in Arizona’s largest daily newspaper, the August 28 Arizona primary results indicate the 2013 session of the Arizona legislature will be more centrist, more closely balanced between the two major parties, and more business-friendly.

This conclusion has some consequences for the ongoing battle over whether Arizona should convert its elections to top-two open primaries. Business has been heavily backing the initiative because it has been so unhappy with the “Tea Party” influence in the 2011-2012 session of the legislature.


  1. Michael · · Reply

    Please keep in mind we are talking about the “Arizona Republic”. To them, “centrist” means “Democrat and Republican In Name Only.”

  2. Jim Riley · · Reply

    It is interesting that Arizona’s scheme of electing two representatives from each representative district, resulting in larger districts appears to have cost Yuma, in the far southwestern corner of the state, on the California and Mexico borders representation, since the district runs clear into the Phoenix area.

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