John Stossel TV Show Will Interview Four Minor Party Presidential Candidates

The John Stossel TV show on September 13 will have four presidential candidates: Stewart Alexander of the Socialist Party, Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party, Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, and Jill Stein of the Green Party. The show will be re-broadcast on September 15.


  1. I think Mr. Stossel’s on to something. If we lived in a country where campaigns had equal access to the ballot, and where voters felt more comfortable voting how they wished, I think we’d basically have about six major parties on a national level. I think these specifically would be the four parties that would do better than they are now. If his episode previously devoted to Gary Johnson is an indication he’ll probably actually treat them all with dignity. Thank you Mr. Stossel.

  2. William Saturn · · Reply

    I’m looking forward to watching this, but I hope it’s not just a short segment.

  3. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    I can see him being fair to Johnson and possibly Goode…but he will rip Stein and Alexander to pieces.

  4. Austin Cassidy · · Reply

    Why Alexander and not Rocky Anderson, I wonder.

  5. #4 Alexander was nominated by a party that’s been around for a long time and has a program that’s more important to them than any one particular candidate. Anderson is essentially an independent candidate that formed a party as a vehicle for his ideas and there’s no real evidence that his party will last after he ends his political activism.

  6. @3. Stein knows what Stossel is like and will be prepared. She’ll do well, given the limitations of the host.

  7. As the Green Party nominee for the Arizona State House of Representatives from the Twenty-Fourth Legislative District, I know that Dr. Jill Stein will do her campaign and her party proud. I am proud to have her at the top of the ticket. Former Governor Gary Johnson and former Congressman Virgil Goode are both great campaigners and great representatives for the Libertarian and Constitution Parties. I know that they will do their parties proud. But as a card-carring member of the Socialist Party USA, I am thrilled that Stewart Alexander is going to get some media attention. It has been a rough year for Stewart Alexander and the Socialist Party USA, and this will be a real boost for them.

  8. J.D. FARGO · · Reply

    Great idea i like stossel

  9. Joseph McNiesh · · Reply

    EXCELLENT!! In 1980, Larry King interviewed John Anderson on CNN right after Reagan wiped the floor with Carter. I AM OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER! Unfortunately, only 10% had cable.

  10. Craig M. · · Reply

    I thought CNN started in 1981 or 1982. But an interview with King was good publicity for Anderson…..

  11. Curt Boyd · · Reply

    Larry King had a lenghty interview with Andre Marrou in 1992 as well.

  12. Michael · · Reply

    Which network?

  13. GreenGenes · · Reply

    John Stossel has probably the least journalistic integrity of anyone on TV. I worked for him briefly as a video editor. He will edit their comments to suite his goals. As a conservative he may well make a mess of Goode as well because Stossel is all about supporting the establishment fascist right and not those conservatives who value a constitutional democracy.

  14. #12 Michael: Probably Fox Business Channel.

  15. Jed Siple · · Reply

    Yes, this will be on FBN.

    This is great news. Thank you to John Stossel for recognizing that there are more than just 2 presidential candidates!

  16. […] candidates proposing real solutions. Libertarian-sympathetic John Stossel and his mustache will be interviewing Stewart Alexander of the Socialist Party, Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party, Gary Johnson of […]

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