Green Party Produces TV Ad for Jill Stein, Announces it Will be Aired in Oregon and Certain Other States

See this story, which describes the first 2012 Jill Stein presidential ads made for television.


  1. It’s nice to see Jill start to get her campaign in gear (even though I significantly disagree with almost everything she believes). Can YouTubes of the ads be posted as soon as they are released, please?

  2. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    Why is she specifically targeting Oregon?

  3. GreenGenes · · Reply

    Jill Stein Green Party ad Produced by Bill Hillsman who also did Jess Ventura’s ads when he won the Gov rate in Minn.

  4. @2 Two reasons I suspect, Oregon (i) has a number of residents who are generally sympathetic to Green Party causes and (ii) has a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot. Reason (ii) is probably why Colorado is on the list too. It’s a smart move I think considering a lot of marijuana supporters are well aware that neither Obama nor Romney are friendly to their cause.

  5. @3 thanks for the YouTube link! 😀

  6. That’s actually a reall well done ad. I’m hopeful the channels they air them on are stations that get a good amount of viewership. Maybe she’ll get some people to vote for her that wouldn’t come out at all but seeing this ad made them motivated to come out.

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