Alaska Libertarian Candidate for U.S. House Polls 14.8% in Six-Candidate Blanket Primary, Places Third

Alaska held its primary on August 28. Alaska has a blanket primary for all parties except the Republican Party, and then there is a separate Republican primary ballot. Independents may choose either ballot.

In the blanket primary, for U.S. House, that ballot contained five Democrats and one Libertarian, Jim McDermott. McDermott polled 14.8%, placing third. Of course, because it is a blanket primary, the top vote-getter from each party advances to the general election. McDermott didn’t need to poll any particular number of votes to “win” the primary, since he was the only Libertarian running.

Unless someone filed as an independent candidate, the November race for U.S. House in Alaska will be between Republican incumbent Don Young (age 79), Democrat Sharon Cissna (age 70), and McDermott (age 55).


  1. Wow, those are some dusty old majority candidates.

  2. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    I would not be surprised if Gary Johnson polls near or just over 10% in Alaska this year. I think the only states he might poll over 10% in at the election are Alaska and New Mexico.

  3. If Jim McDermott gets elected, he should form a “House Jim McDermott Caucus” with a certain Democratic congressman from Seattle.

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