Link to Tennessee Official Candidate List for Federal, State Office

Here is a link to the Tennessee Elections office list of candidates for November, for all federal and state office. The list is somewhat historic because this is the first time minor party candidates, with their party name, have been listed in Tennessee since 1972. For elections 1974 through 2010, many minor party candidates appeared on the Tennessee general election ballot, but none of them had their party label on the ballot. Instead they were all labeled “independent.” This is because independent candidate ballot access has been so easy in Tennessee, whereas the procedure for a newly-qualifying party has been so difficult that it hasn’t been used since 1968. The American Party qualified in 1968 and remained on the ballot through 1972.

The reason the Constitution and Green Parties are on the ballot this year is because of the lawsuit won in February 2012, called Green Party of Tennessee v Hargett.

It is true that in 2000, various Green, Libertarian and Reform Party nominees were permitted to have their party label on the November ballot, under a law that only applied to the year 2000. But in 2000, all those minor party candidates were still listed in the independent column, and were considered to be independent candidates by the state. This year, the Green and Constitution Parties have their own party columns, in the counties that use party column ballots.


  1. Will Libertarian and A3P be changed too? Or will they be staying independent?

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    No, there would be no basis for that change. Only the Constitution Party and the Green Party were in the lawsuit.

  3. So Rocky Anderson didn’t make it in Tennessee? I was sure they had filed, and I didn’t expect something like Arkansas again.

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #3, Rocky Anderson is still attempting to persuade the Arkansas Secretary of State that he does have enough valid signatures. That isn’t settled yet.

  5. Obama/Biden have not even been nominate yet and the are listed. Anyone one think a minor party whose candidates were known but not actually nominate would be listed by the state?

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