Twenty States Still Don't Know Which Presidential Candidates Will Appear on November Ballot

The presidential ballot is still not settled in twenty states. States in which the deadline for independent or minor party presidential candidates to file lies in the future are Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Rhode Island.

States in which the deadline has passed, and in which certain parties have submitted petitions, but the petitions haven’t been checked yet, are Connecticut, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Wyoming (the only petition that Virginia hasn’t checked yet is the Jill Stein petition). Also Arkansas already preliminarily rejected some petitions, but some of the groups that submitted them are working to show that the original determination was erroneous.

States in which courts may either put a presidential candidate on, or take him off, are Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.


  1. Did Jill stein submit in Wyoming?

  2. Then there are the Americans Elect states that may or may not be manipulated by another third party to get on the ballot–seeing as how the supposed “state parties” that filed paperwork were actually the national officials and didn’t even live in the state.

  3. Gary Johnson just garnered ballot access in New York and the District of Columbia:

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #1, she did, and apparently we must wait until Tuesday, September 4, to know if the petition has enough valid signatures. Wyoming disqualifies petition signatures at a fearsome rate.

  5. The Wyoming Green Party has a Facebook Group. They seemed to be scrambling for elector candidates at the last second.

  6. @4 thanks do you think they will be fair to Stein in Vermont?

  7. Will goode get on in LA.?

  8. @7 Goode will be on the Louisiana ballot, as long as he can find 7 elector candidates and $500 in the next few days.

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