Iowa Lower State Court Rules in Favor of Keeping Gary Johnson on the Ballot

On September 4, a lower state court in Iowa issued a ruling, agreeing with the Secretary of State that Gary Johnson should remain on the Iowa ballot. The Republican Party activists who brought the lawsuit will ask the Iowa Supreme Court to reverse the decision. That hearing will be on Wednesday, September 5. Here is a short newspaper story. UPDATE: the Republicans have decided not to ask for Iowa Supreme Court involvement, so the case is ended and Johnson is on the ballot. Here is a more detailed newspaper story.


  1. Jed Siple · · Reply


  2. Why does the Republican Party think it can lose twice and still get its way? Absolutely infuriating.

    Hopefully the Supreme Court tells them to eat dirt.

  3. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    I live in PA and the Republican efforts to prevent voters from voting for Libertarian or Constitutional nominees has had the opposite effect on me that they wanted. Regardless of the outcome, I will NOT vote for ANY Republican nominee on my ballot. I will vote Green where possible (and I don’t really agree with them on much other that being anti-war) and Democratic otherwise just to shove it up their A$$! I really hope the Libertarians survive the challenge.

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