Michigan Republican Party Intervenes in Federal Court to Try to Keep Gary Johnson Off the Ballot

On September 4, only two days before the U.S. District Court hearing in Libertarian Party of Michigan v Ruth Johnson, the Republican Party of Michigan applied to the Court to intervene in the lawsuit. Here is the Republican Party’s brief. The party does not even acknowledge two of the Libertarian Party’s strongest points: (1) the “sore loser” law has not been amended since before 1980, yet the law was construed not to cover presidential primaries in 1980 and John Anderson was allowed to be on the November ballot; (2) the true candidates in a presidential election are the presidential elector candidates, and they aren’t sore losers.

It is odd that the Michigan Republican Party feels it should intervene in the lawsuit. Both the Secretary of State and the Attorney General are Republicans. Generally when a group intervenes in a lawsuit, it says it is doing that because it doesn’t believe the parties already in the case are capable of defending the challenged law.


  1. Jed Siple · · Reply

    They’re scared. Tee hee!

  2. Scumbags. Everyone should flood the media and the republican party with emails.

  3. What a f*cking joke

  4. I have invested my time in pure proportional representation (PR), the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system (Hagenbach-Bischoff method) and view the support of pluralists and censorship to be counter-productive to the interests of PR, third parties and independents.

  5. Yet no one has even attempted to address how in 1980 John Anderson was allowed to run under the nomination of the Anderson Coalition Party, but Gary Johnson can’t do the same thing.

  6. Jim Riley · · Reply

    There is no reason to assume that the Secretary of State and Attorney General are politically motivated, nor that the interest of a political party is identical to that of the State.

    Rob McKenna and Sam Reed are both Republicans, yet ably defended the State of Washington against the the lawsuit by the Washington Republican Party (the Democratic and Libertarian parties were intervenors).

  7. Kurt B Smith · · Reply

    Mr. Riley, I hope I’m detecting sarcasm in your post. If not, this is Michigan and it’s the home state of Governor Romney. Nothing more I need to say…

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