Pennsylvania Ballot Access for Libertarian Party Statewide Slate Won't be Settled Until September 12

This Associated Press story explains the progress of the court fight over whether the statewide Pennsylvania Libertarian slate will be on the ballot.


  1. I have been scratching my head over this….. Be nice to hear from someone working on this up in Pennsylvania.

    I believe that the petitions get sorted into three piles.

    Those that both sides agree are valid

    Those that the Republicans think are non-valid and the Libertarians think are valid.

    Those that both sides think are invalid.

    the second group is then reviewed by a judge?

    Those that the judge rules valid get added to the first pile.

    so presumable the first pile has 15,500

    is the second pile 13,000? or are those ones still be examined?

    is the third pile 17,000?

    Or do I not understand the situation?

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #1, I agree, it’s a confusing story. I gave up trying to analyze it.

  3. @1 I believe that is a correct assumption. I thought the LP turned in closer to 48,000 signatures though?

    It doesn’t look very good that a little over half of the signatures have been stricken so far. BUT for GJ to get the additional apprx 5101 he only needs around 40% of the remaining 13,000 to be valid.

    It’s going to be closer than I thought.

  4. Robert McHugh · · Reply

    Well…. he still has the 2,000 yet to be counted on Wed.

  5. 45,500 have been reviewed and 15500 are good a ratio of 34.4%
    13,000 are in dispute a ratio of 28.6%

    so after reviewing the 2000

    the first pile might be 16,188

    the second 13,573

    now we are 4,413 short

    or we need 32.5% of the 13,573

    lets trust that the Republican lawyers are being way to anal for the judge.

  6. Raymond Agnew · · Reply

    The Contested Pile Is From Register Voters That Have Moved Within The County They Live In & Are Still Regestered Voters So In The End They Are Valid Signature Also In That pile is They didn’t put the year on after the month & Day on the Date some people put their Zip Code down instead of the Date others signed where they where supose to pint their name & Reversed It & People that only sign their names by printing them on both of their Voter Registeration forms & On The Petitions Federal Law Says That as long as one is a registerd voter that has moved within the County, City or Boro that They Live in They are Valid.This Whole pile ia from registered Voters In Phila, PA.

  7. Raymond Agnew · · Reply

    ia = is

  8. Raymond Agnew · · Reply

    Only 38,000 have bin checked We Still Have over 10,000 to be Checked from the rest of the state.

  9. Raymond Agnew · · Reply

    I was there for the 1st week August 20 – 24

  10. Raymond Agnew · · Reply

    We Will win with room to spare with over 30,000 valid signatures the word is it could be over by the end of this week from Roy Minet who is Leading Our LPPA Team. The PAGOP Knows they are not going to win they are just doing this to drain our campaign funds & keep us from campaigning for the last month.

  11. Robert McHugh · · Reply

    Thank You Raymond. Very Encouraging.

  12. If the PA GOP looses do they pay the legal costs of the PA LP?

  13. By god they should considering the LP would have to pay the ingrate GOP.

  14. Richard Schwarz · · Reply

    #6 I have participated in the line by line petition review every single day and I would also add that also contained in the contested piles are a substantial number of signatures where I found what I consider to be an exact match in the registered voter database, that is the name, address, and signature contained in the database completely and exactly match what was entered on the petition, however many of the Republicans still contested these lines as they were permitted (and sometimes instructed) to do so.

    This was one of the most frustrating aspects of the line by line review and in my opinion represented bad faith on the part of the Republicans.

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