Ron Paul on Jay Leno

Policy Mic has abstracted two of the most interesting parts of Ron Paul’s interview on the Jay Leno show. See here.


  1. I think RP is either setting himself or Rand up for 2016. Either way it is a mistake.

  2. Spineless not to endorse anyone, yet his supporters worship him.

  3. GreenGenes · · Reply

    Although not a direct parallel, In many ways Ron Paul is to the Libertarian Party as Kucinich was to the Green Party and I don’t mean that a complimentary. They both keep their supporters within the major parties when I think they’d be better served by the alternative parties that by and large support their positions.

    Given Ron Paul’s “retirement” he has not reason not to endorse Johnson and actively campaign with him . . . except that Paul may be connected to the Republican patronage mill (or be acting defensively for his son Rand).

    Alternately, since he seems to be giving up his congressional seat, he could run for it as a Libertarian. Granted it may be an uphill battle but, being an incumbent, returning to the House as a Libertarian would be a major break through in building that party.

    Ron Paul has the power to break things open for a third party. That he chooses not to, I find disturbing.

    Sorry if this bothers anyone but this is my peeve.

  4. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #3, on the other hand, Ron Paul introduced bill in Congress in four sessions to outlaw restrictive ballot access laws. In 1998 he even got a vote on the House floor for his ballot access bill and also his bill to open up the presidential debates.

    Dennis Kucinich voted “No” on both bills. Dennis Kucinich, to my knowledge, has never criticized severe ballot access laws. The comparison is not a good one.

    Also, Ron Paul once donated $500 to Ballot Access News.

  5. Haha Richard had to throw that plug about his benefactor. (Totally joking by the way).

  6. Still the fact Ron Paul doesn’t endorse a Third Party is disturbing

  7. Walter Ziobro · · Reply

    Ron Paul is a clever old fox. He doesn’t want to be blamed if Romney loses the election. He’ll let Romney lose it on his own.

  8. I think the difference between Paul and Kucinich is that Kucinich was always a Democratic operative; I think it is pretty clear that Kucinich’s two presidential campaigns, both coming after Nader’s 2000 campaign, were meant to try and keep Leftists in the Democratic Party. After Obama’s election, and the demise of the Green Party, made Kucinich superfluous, and thus the Democrats abandoned him in the redistricted primary.

    And I think Kucinich’s unrestrained endorsements of Kerry and Obama are very unlike anything Paul did in 08 or this year.

    I would not be surprised if the Republicans put up a primary contender in 2016 that is meant to keep the libertarians in the GOP. A GOP “Kucinich”.

  9. It would be unprincipled for RP to endorse of the two warmonger parties.

    Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode haven’t been able to raise much more than a few nickels and thus are on target to get inconsequential number of votes. It would be absurd for Paul to jump in and try to do all the heavy lifting for either one.

    No one else matters even a little bit.

  10. […] PolicyMic (via Ballot Access News) On Tuesday, Ron Paul appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and ruled out an independent run […]

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