Virginia State Board of Elections Puts All Three Petitioning Presidential Candidates on Ballot, but Republicans May Sue to Try to Remove Gary Johnson and/or Virgil Goode

On September 4, the Virginia State Board of Elections held three hours of hearings over the November ballot. The Board then placed all three petitioning presidential candidates on the ballot. They are Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein. Republican Party attorneys appeared at the hearing to argue that the Goode and Johnson petitions are invalid. Virgil Goode himself testified about the Constitution Party’s petition, because the Republican Party challenged some of the petition sheets that Goode himself had circulated.

It is possible that a lawsuit will be filed against the State Board of Elections by various Republican voters and activists, to remove either or both Johnson and Goode. UPDATE: here is a lengthy story from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.


  1. Gary Odom · · Reply

    “by various Republican voters and activists,”

    Yeah, they’re a real grassroots bunch.

    Kudos to Virgil Goode, State Chairman, Mitch Turner and the Constitution Party of Virginia!

    Take that, Willard!

  2. Curt Boyd · · Reply

    Isn’t Virginia one of the states where a candidate can turn signatures in for verification a little at a time? I would think if the Republicans sue, they won’t have any basis to be successful. Putting all three candidates on the ballot seems to suggest they have enough valid signatures.

  3. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #2, yes, Virginia is one of the states in which petitions can be turned in on a flow basis.

  4. They need to list the names of the people who are actually suing, hiding behind the republican party is just cowardly.

  5. Tamar Yager · · Reply

    Virginia has to turn in at least 10,000 signatures first and then they can turn in on a flow basis.

  6. Dale Manning · · Reply

    I support Gary Johnson 100% and feel our country has done great injustices to our constitutional rights by omitting him. I

  7. Shame on the Virginia Republicans for trying to keep Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode off of the ballot. Both Johnson and Goode were loyal Republicans for years before the Republican tent got too small for its libertarian and paleoconservative wings. If the Republicans would have treated Gary Johnson’s campaign for the respect that a former Republican governor should have received maybe Gary Johnson would still be inside the Republicans shrinking tent. The Virginia Republicans liked Virgil Goode well enough when he was representing them in Congress. This is disgraceful!

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