Oklahoma Hearing on Who Controls the Oklahoma Americans Elect Ballot Line Lasts One Hour, Ten Minutes; Courtroom is Packed

On September 5, a referee for the Oklahoma Supreme Court heard arguments in the lawsuit filed by the Americans Elect Party of Oklahoma against the State Board of Elections. The issue is whether the state should accept the nomination of Gary Johnson, made by the state party on July 21; or whether the state should follow the wishes of the national Americans Elect Party leaders, who don’t want any party nominations in any state.

The hearing lasted one hour and ten minutes, and the small hearing room was filled to capacity, so that some observers had to stand. The state will be given a chance to file a reply brief no later than September 11. Here is a short news story about the hearing.


  1. I wish I had been able to have been there, but glad to hear that it was standing room only. I hope the State Supreme Court does the right thing and allows Gary Johnson on the ballot.

  2. Yeah he needs to be let on. If he’s not Oklahomans only have 2 choices. Another option would be good for the people of OK.

  3. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Frankly, it is not like his presence on the ballot will change the outcome of which set of electors gets elected. It would be almost as tough for Romney to lose OK as it would be for Obama to lose DC.

  4. Very intriguing case.

  5. Bill Wood · · Reply

    I thought the State Parties selected the “Electors” for their State. In Virginia the Electors are placed on the petitions and must include one from each Congressional district.

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