Kentucky Secretary of State Says All Three Presidential Petitions are Valid

The Kentucky Secretary of State’s office has already approved all three presidential petitions submitted earlier. Therefore, Kentucky will have five presidential candidates on its ballot, the nominees of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green Parties, and independent candidate Randall Terry.

This is the first time the Green Party presidential nominee has been on in Kentucky since 2000. Thanks to Tamar Yager for this news.


  1. Bravo Green Party!

  2. Hooray for Gary and the greens.

  3. Larry West · · Reply

    The Kentucky Secretary of State site ( also lists three write-in candidates.
    Has anyone ever heard of these people? Kentucky charges $50, plus the names of eight electors, to be a write-in candidate. Deadline is Oct. 26.

    It was reported on the news this morning that the Secretary of State was on a two-week “fact finding” mission to the middle east to see how to improve the military’s access to voting.

    In a state where 42% of the Democrats voted for Uncommitted in the Democratic Primary, I think Stein can get the 2% needed to give the Green Party greater recognition.

  4. None of the write-ins are people I’ve heard of.

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