Michigan Secretary of State Says Gary Johnson of Texas Can't Be on Ballot

On September 7, Ruth Johnson, Secretary of State of Michigan, informed the Libertarian Party that she won’t print Gary Johnson of Austin, Texas, on the November ballot, because Michigan has no procedure for contingent presidential or vice-presidential party nominees.

However, Michigan has no statutory procedure for a qualified party to substitute a new presidential or vice-presidential nominee either, yet in 1972, when the Democratic nominee for vice-president resigned from the ticket, Michigan let the Democratic national committee choose a new vice-presidential nominee. The national convention had nominated Thomas Eagleton in July, but he had resigned from the ticket in August, and Sargent Shriver was chosen to replace him. All fifty states made the substitution.

What is at stake is the First Amendment right of candidates for presidential elector to have printed on the ballot the name of the candidates for President and Vice-President that they say they will vote for. Also at stake is the ability of the Libertarian candidates for presidential elector to continue to be recognized as candidates themselves.


  1. George Whitfield · · Reply

    Is there an opportunity for the Libertarian Party to go to court about this?

  2. Richard Winger · · Reply

    It seems plausible that this issue can be raised in the 6th circuit, since the party is already in that court over whether Gary Johnson of New Mexico can be on the ballot.

  3. How many LAWLESS robot party hacks are controlling ballot access for candidates and issues in ALL of the States ???

    At stake – AT LEAST 10-30 percent of the GDP ??? — i.e. BIG $$$ ???

  4. Can’t even count on courts to uphold the law anymore, what a shame.

  5. Is it just my imagination, or are there more court challenges, major party objections, ect, to third party candidates for president than in years past?

  6. Wow. Just wow.

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  8. “F***” the rethugnican party!
    Run by zionist neocon facist-marxists and party elitists with no patriotism towards America but only unto themselves. Money grubbing neo nazis and old worn out party hacks who don’t give a shit about America. Most of ’em probably couldn’t get it up either.
    F*** ’em all!
    Of course I no longer hold any water for the dumbocraps either.

  9. I guess Michigan will be a “Write-In” State for Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, and MI Secretary of State Ruth Johnson had better count these Write in votes or she will be out of office in 2014.
    Yes, Gary Johnson is a better “write in” than Ron Paul at this point because the Electoral Delegates can add up to a potential win.
    Ron Paul bet all his chips on the Republican Party and the elite Party leaders cheated him out of even a fair showing.
    Gary Johnson and Judge Gray are the next best thing and Gary may even ask Ron Paul to be Chief of Staff if he wins.

  10. I’m going to get everyone I know who supports Gary Johnson to bombard Ruth Johnson with e-mails voicing our “opinions” about her current ruling.

  11. I don’t know how you can justify your actions, and the voters of MI should be outraged. You are misusing your power to limit the choices of voters. Government officials should remain non-biased in the performance of their duties, but much like the GOP presidential candidate, I guess you believe that shouldn’t apply to you. Hopefully you will be removed from your duties soon and someone else can step in that will do what is best for voters.

  12. […] Give me a break. Romney? Don't make me laugh. Of course Ron Paul isn't even on the ballot. Nor is Gary Johnson (I live in Michigan). Just hold my nose? Not a chance in Hades. The "lesser evil" is still evil […]

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