Pennsylvania Challenge Process Pauses for Determination of Some Legal Issues

After almost three weeks of Pennsylvania state court proceedings in Philadelphia and Harrisburg, approximately 41,000 signatures on the Libertarian Pennsylvania statewide petition have been processed. There are still 8,500 unprocessed signatures.

“Processed” means that both sides have looked at each processed signature, and either both sides agree that the signature is valid, or both sides agree it isn’t valid, or the two sides disagree. Many of the disagreements hinge on certain unresolved legal issues, such as whether a petition signature is valid if the signer put the month and day in the “date” column, but not the year. The printed forms all says “Revised January 2012” at the bottom, so it is obvious that all the signatures were signed in 2012. But the challengers say those signatures aren’t valid.

“Processing” will be suspended while some of the legal issues are argued, which will be done on September 12. If the determination of various legal issues means that the unprocessed 8,500 signatures will determine whether the petition has enough valid signatures, then the “processing” will start again for those signatures. In the meantime Pennsylvania is one of the states that can’t start printing ballots. The legal requirement is 20,601 signatures.


  1. How about 3×5 or 4×6 or electronic petitions for ballot access ???

    How many ZILLION bank account / credit card stats are there per day NOW — along with ZILLIONS more of E-mails per day — putting the U.S. Snail Mail regime into bankruptcy / bailout mode ???

  2. give-me-liberty · · Reply

    Any idea how many are valid so far?

  3. How many DEADLINE weeks/months (or even years) are now required to get past ALL of the EVIL forces stopping ballot access – legislative, executive and judicial — due to the EVIL robot party hacks in control of all of the regimes — who want NO opposition to their EVIL agendas ???

    4 to 12 months — or even a mere 2 years ???

    When, if ever, will SCOTUS get REALLY tough on the ANTI-Democracy robot party hacks in the States ???

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