Arizona Secretary of State Releases Official Primary Election Returns, Showing Two Americans Elect Congressional Nominees

The Arizona Secretary of State has released the official canvass votes for the August 2012 primary. It shows that Americans Elect has two congressional nominees, Richard Grayson in the 4th district and Stephen Dolgos in the 8th district. See this link.


  1. Kevin Knedler · · Reply

    So when will the national A.E. party ask that they be removed. If not, then how can they request that GJ be removed in Oklahoma?

  2. @Kevin Kriedler: We are safe because we changed our name to the American Elite Party (of Arizona):

  3. What a stupid name for a party. So are you the 1%?

  4. @Chad: Richard Grayson is a national treasure. He has been running political campaigns using parody and satire since the 1980’s. The name American Elite Party (of Arizona) pokes fun of the pompous attitude of the one percenters who started Americans Elect. You must admit that it is pretty pompous to get thousands of Americans to sign petitions to put Americans Elect on the ballot only to turn around and tell those same Americans that they cannot run for office as a candidate of that party.

    Gerard Davis
    Green Party nominee for the Arizona State House of Representatives from the Twenty-Fourth Legislative District

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