Gravis Marketing/Capitol Correspondent Poll Shows Gary Johnson Polling 4.5% in Ohio

On September 11, Gravis Marketing/Capitol Correspondent released an Ohio poll showing Gary Johnson at 4.5%. See here for more data from the poll, which also shows President Obama leading in Ohio. It is unusual for pollsters in Ohio to ever include minor party or independent candidates in their questions. Thanks to Political Wire for the link.


  1. Arthur DiBianca · · Reply

    The document says: “The inclusion of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in the poll continues to lower Romney’s total percentage by more than Obama’s, with the most recent poll giving Johnson a 4.5% take. The vote towards Johnson takes 0.8% away from Romney, while also capturing 0.8% of the Obama vote.”

    That doesn’t make sense.

  2. George Whitfield · · Reply

    I’m don’t know what they mean by that. Perhaps they asked a question and found that of the Gary Johnson potential voters, 1.6% would vote for Romney or Obama if Johnson wasn’t on the ballot with the balance not voting? They should have explained it better.

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