Rhode Island Approves Libertarian Presidential Petition

The Rhode Island Secretary of State has determined that the Libertarian presidential petition has enough valid signatures. The Secretary’s office is keeping a running tally of the number of valid signatures being reported by various towns and cities. The state requires 1,000 valid signatures.

Some cities and towns haven’t reported yet. Providence has made a partial report and will be sending in more later this week. So far, the other presidential petitions have this many valid signatures: Green 996, Party for Socialism and Liberation 897, Constitution 865, and Justice 621.

Because September 11, Tuesday, is primary day in Rhode Island, not much work will be done on the petition tally by most towns for a few days yet. Thanks to Bob Johnston for the news about the Libertarian petition, which has 1,277 valid signatures already. There is no more need for the state to tally any more signatures on that petition.


  1. 4 to go!

  2. Looks like the Greens will be on. I think they can pull 4 signatures together. Constitution might make it as well. I wonder if Anderson will reach 1,000 though

  3. George Whitfield · · Reply

    Congratulations to the Rhode Island Libertarians!

  4. Will Fenwick · · Reply

    Interesting that the Peace and Freedom People made virtuaally no effort at petitioning in any states. rhode island was one of the most feasible ones they could have tried for in the time they had.

  5. #4 I thought that as well. Before some of the deadlines like Minnesota and Iowa, on Roseanne’s website they said they were looking for volunteers for some of the states to get on the ballot. But they clearly didn’t have the organization to do so. Being a celebrity I would have thought Roseanne could have flown to some of these states and done it herself and collected the proper amount of signatures. Maybe she didn’t find it worth it though.

  6. @5 2016 I bet Barr will go for it again.

  7. #6, I think you’re right. Maybe the Green Party will pick her next time. I think it’d be good for both Barr and the Green Party. Barr uses the Green Party for the numerous ballots they’ll be on and the Green Party uses her for her name recognition. It’s win-win for both in my opinion.

  8. The experience of the Peace & Freedom Party with Barr doesn’t look encouraging. But we’ll see how the rest of the election season goes. More importantly, we’ll see how P&F does with doubling it’s registration numbers in CA.


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