Gallup Poll Includes Five Presidential Candidates

On September 12, Gallup released a poll that includes five presidential candidates. The results: Obama 50%, Romney 43%, Goode 1%, Johnson 1%, Stein 1%, other 1%, won’t vote 1% (that was volunteered), no opinion 3%. See here. Thanks to Kevin Hayes for the news.


  1. It’s good that Gallup is including five candidates in the poll. With the election coming down (again) to Florida and Ohio, I see a scant number of third party votes in those states. However, I do think that third party candidates at the state and regional level doing quite in many states since people are much more likely to vote 3rd party in those races.

  2. Robert McHugh · · Reply

    So Goode, Johnson and Stein are tied – not.

  3. Given the number of states Johnson is on compared to Goode, the real number should of course be higher for Johnson. But it is nice to see all the candidates be included in polls and MAYBE it is an indicator of name recognition more than anything.

  4. If Romney wins FL, VA, MO, IA, and NC he is still short of 270 (assuming GJ doesn’t somehow change the outcome of CO and NM). He would have to win OH, in which he is still significantly behind, not to mention that he is still slightly behind in FL and IA. This election is not really close in the electoral college, as hard as the media may try to spin it that way.

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