Tennessee Secretary of State Determines that Rocky Anderson Petition Has Enough Valid Signatures

On September 12, the Tennessee Secretary of State’s office determined that Rocky Anderson does indeed have enough valid signatures to be on the ballot. That office had originally found that he did not have enough. But the Anderson campaign identified some signatures that had been wrongfully disqualified, and the state now agrees that the petition is sufficient.

However, the Justice Party was unable to re-validate enough signatures in Arkansas, so Anderson will not appear on the Arkansas ballot.

The Anderson petition in Rhode Island appears likely to succeed; the state has tallied 995 valid signatures so far, with some towns still not having reported.


  1. Great stuff for Rocky’s campaign! Not the 2 largest of states where he’ll tally a lot of votes but still glad he’s on the ballot and that the people of those states have another option.

  2. I was the co-coordinator for Rocky’s ballot access efforts in the southern states and I’m very pleased with our results this year.. for a first time campaign and a 10 month old party we got on the ballot in Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida
    here in the southern states plus write in status in Georgia, Alabama and most likely Texas.

    The Arkansas thing was a crock and the SOS did its usual anti democratic picking.. so you can’t really help that but otherwise it was successful for a first go effort and I want to applaud all the volunteers that helped us accomplish this.

    Nationally Rocky will be on the ballot in 15 or 16 states plus write in access in hopefully all but 7 states.

    Rocky 2012!

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