Two More Presidential Candidates Qualify in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Secretary of State’s ongoing tally of valid signatures on presidential petitions shows that Jill Stein and Virgil Goode have now qualified. The state requires 1,000 signatures. Still being tallied are the petitions for the Justice Party (which now shows 716 valid) and the Party for Socalism & Liberation (which now shows 952 valid). The Libertarian Party had been approved several days ago.

Rhode Island has three ballot-qualified parties, Democratic, Republican, and Moderate. The Moderate Party has never nominated anyone for President.


  1. Each time Mr. Goode qualifies for another state, it feels like another victory. Although 6 months ago I expected the CST to qualify in 41 states, right now each new victory is valuable.

  2. Craig you’re/you were over-optimistic.

  3. Chad,
    Perhaps, but as you know there are 5 or 6 very difficult states so to get 45 is great. I was counting on the CST getting some of the smaller ones like MT, NH, and Vermont in addition to the ones with access in 2008.

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