Michigan Libertarians Ask U.S. Supreme Court to Intevene in the Original Michigan Ballot Access Case

On September 13, the Michigan Libertarian Party asked U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan (the judge who has jurisdiction over the 6th circuit during the Court’s summer recess) to intervene in Libertarian Party of Michigan v Ruth Johnson. This is the case over how to interpret Michigan’s “sore loser” law, and whether it is constitutional if it does apply to presidential primaries. Here is the filing.


  1. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Let’s hope Kagan at least gets this one right! I wouldn’t bet on it but one can hope.

  2. Great Job! · · Reply

    The brief is very well done. If logic, law and the constitution are followed, we should prevail.

    Good luck on this one.

  3. I want to thank all the Michigan Libertarians, they really are fighting hard. It is appreciated. Please make a donation to the Libertarian Party to show your support, even $5. I mean these guys should be commended.

  4. The dirty politics coming from the GOP is stressing me out. Thank you for continuing the fight LP – keep up the good work!

  5. If this wasn’t so absurd it would be funny. How does the GOP think this helps them?

  6. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    I totally agree with #5. I live in PA and if the LP is muscled off the ballot by the GOP I intend to vote for Jill Stein (the only alternative nominee that would be on the ballot) and for Greens in general. If the Republicans think they can force me to vote for them they are sadly mistaken. I despise Democrats with the same ardor I despise Republicans but I would even select them down ticket just to shove it up the GOP’s bum vent!

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