Iowa Republican Presidential Elector Candidate Who had Threatened to Vote for Ron Paul Resigns, Will be Replaced

Melinda Wadsley, an Iowa presidential elector candidate for the Republican Party, has resigned. The Republican Party will be allowed to replace her with someone else. See this story.

In Iowa, as in 44 other states, the names of presidential elector candidates do not appear on the November ballot. Five states still print the names of presidential elector candidates on the ballot. It is not clear how a resignation would be handled in those five states, which are Arizona, Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Dakota, especially if the ballots had already been printed.


  1. Of the five states that print the names of the candidates for elector on the ballot, Arizona is the largest with eleven electoral votes. As an Arizona voter, it’s kind of interesting seeing who the political parties have picked to be their electors. One of the nice things about living in a smaller state like Arizona is that I know several of the candidates for electors; and not just the ones from my party. That said, the Electoral College has out lived whatever purpose it one served and should be replaced with election by popular vote.

  2. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Should we popularly elect our Supreme Court Justices too?

  3. Just shows that if you plan to be an unfaithful elector, you should be quiet about it until December 16.

    Or maybe this was a distraction, to let other Ron Paul supporters quietly remain on Republican elector slates.

  4. Nick Kruse · · Reply

    It is unfortunate that she choose to resign. She could have been in a position of real power in December, but she gave that up for nothing.

  5. 2) That was something Governor Wallace advocated during all four of his campaigns for president. All judges should be reconfirmed every ten years by the voters, state legislatures, or by the Senate.

  6. 5 – The legislature or Senate I can see, but not the voters. The judiciary was intended to be insulated from the whims of public opinion, and judges that are even more partisan are likely to hand down even worse ballot access decisions for minor parties.

  7. Baronscarpia · · Reply

    Ahhh…the EC…it works so flawlessly.

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