Oklahoma Supreme Court Won't Put Gary Johnson on Ballot, But Accepts Jurisdiction in the Lawsuit

Late on September 13, the Oklahoma Supreme Court issued a brief order, refusing to order elections officials to put Gary Johnson on the ballot as the Americans Elect nominee. However, the Court accepted jurisdiction in the case. The case is Lawhorn v Ziriax, 111026. There may be more details from the Court later on September 14.

The state officers of Americans Elect had nominated Gary Johnson in July. The state made no decision on whether to accept the filing, until August 29, when it rejected the filing. On August 31, Americans Elect had filed a lawsuit directly in the Oklahoma Supreme Court, seeking to validate its filing. The only oral argument in the case was held in front of a referee, who then made a report to the Court. As far as is known, the referee’s report hasn’t yet been made available to the public.


  1. I’m kinda dumb, does this mean he will not on ?

  2. Kyle Kneale · · Reply

    I do believe this means Oklahoma isn’t going to happen.

  3. Robert McHugh · · Reply

    Well, if you have to lose a state, this is it. Penn. looks good and Michigan may happen (one way or the other).

  4. Jonathan,

    I would say that this means that it is highly unlikely he will be on the ballot. Ballots are going to the printer now for absentee voting.

  5. Thanks 😦

  6. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    Richard… is there any chance of intervention by a federal court?

  7. I really truly wish I had hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend the next few years in court against the OK SOS/AG, the Michigan Republican party, the Pennsylvanian Republican party, and the RNC. If not to win, to bleed them and harass.


  8. #8 – Democrats in PA are just as bad. Nader in ’04, Greens in ’08 were challenged off by Democrats. It depends who feels threatened more.

    In the grand scheme of things, Obama and his people must not fear Jill Stein, because I’ve seen no attempt to get her off the ballot. Either that, or they’re that confident to win the election.

  9. @9

    You’re right Curt. Maybe instead of voting Democrat to piss off the Republicans, I’ll just write in Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

  10. #10 – Jill Stein will be on the ballot, no matter what! I’m hopeful that Gov. Johnson gets on the PA ballot, and then I have to make a decision.

  11. Jill Stein refused to go on Stossel last night, what a loser, saying no to free publicity just cause she is a coward.

  12. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    @12… do you know that for a fact? That she refused, I mean.

  13. That’s what Stossel said. I believe him.

  14. Great show last night, Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson and the candidate from the Socialist Party were in the show.

  15. That is nowhere even near acceptable!! This is Ridiculous!!! Cheaters!

  16. Oklahoma: interferring with the electoral process since before you were an itch in your daddy’s pants.

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