Michigan Secretary of State Asks U.S. Supreme Court to Reject Libertarian Ballot Access Lawsuit; Also Party Files Rebuttal

On September 14, the Michigan Secretary of State asked the U.S. Supreme Court not to act on the Libertarian Party’s ballot access case involving the interpretation of Michigan’s “sore loser” law. Here is the state’s brief, which has a picture of the ballot that Michigan intends to print, omitting any presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. Here is the party’s rebuttal brief, which was submitted the same day.


  1. Bitch.

    Am I allowed to say that?

  2. Robert McHugh · · Reply

    I’m with Jed.

  3. This case is moot. Matt Erard of the Socialist Party of Michigan filed a claim regarding the ballot access in federal court and the State of Michigan did not defend themselves. The default judgement should be following soon and the law will be repealed allowing every party access on Michigan’s ballot until a new law is passed. Just file in that period.

  4. Nathaniel R Hamrick · · Reply

    Lol. Strictly a violation of law to not allow he Libertarian party access to the ballots!

    the “sore loser” allow applies to applicants who went through to the primaries and lost.

    Libertarian Gary Johnson dropped out at least 60 days prior to the primaries and didn’t even participate in them. How does this law even touch him? It doesn’t.

    The republican party is void as ever.

  5. Nathaniel R Hamrick · · Reply

    Sorry, allow -> law. I’m still not awake after reading about the infinite ego of the GOP.

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