Kansas Certifies President Obama for the Ballot

On September 17, the Kansas Board of Objections certified President Obama for the ballot. See this story. Thanks to Bill Van Allen for the news.


  1. el pee (on) R,D · · Reply

    Is anyone surprised?

  2. @1 nope, but it is too bad b/c I was looking forward to an opening up for Gary Johnson

  3. Casual Bystander · · Reply

    How about Goode being substituted for Baldwin on the Reform ticket?

  4. 1 –

    Yeah…what a buzz kill. A sitting president allowed on a ballot. Goddamned democracy.

  5. el pee (on) R,D · · Reply

    Hey, I’m in favor of him being on the ballot. I’d never vote for this war criminal any more than the last one (or the one before him, etc) but the birther nonsense is some of the most idiotic drooling dribble to come down the pike ever.

  6. bolshevik-leninist · · Reply

    If he wasn’t on the ballot, he still would have come in second via write-ins.

  7. Kyle Kneale · · Reply

    Where’s the “he’s not elligible” group? (chirp chirp)

  8. @6 maybe, I would say he woul have gotten third after Romney and a third party candidate like Johnson or even Baldwin. According to KS statue write-ins are allowed in the general election.

    “At any general election, write-in blanks are provided on the ballot for each office.” -KS law

  9. Any word on Americans Elect trying to get Barr on the ballot? I’m guessing they won’t succeed

  10. @9

    That attempt failed.

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