New York Independence Party Decides to Nominate No One for President

According to the New York State Board of Elections, the ballot-qualified Independence Party has decided not to nominate any presidential candidate. This is the first time a ballot-qualified party in New York has declined to nominate anyone for President since 1984, when the Right to Life Party had declined to nominate anyone for President.

Before that, the last time in New York state was when the Conservative Party nominated no one. However, the only reason the New York Conservative Party ran no one for President in 1968 was that the party wanted to cross-endorse the Republican nominee (Richard Nixon) but the New York Republican Party refused to let the Conservative Party cross-endorse the Republican slate. At the time the Republican Party was very hostile to the Conservative Party, and wanted to injure the Conservative Party by forcing it to leave its presidential spot on the ballot blank.

The New York Independence Party nominated John McCain in 2008. In prior years it nominated various independent or minor party presidential candidates (Ralph Nader in 2004, John Hagelin in 2000, Ross Perot in 1996).


  1. I’m really disappointed with that. I was hoping rocky Anderson or Roseanne Barr or even someone already on the ballot like goode or Johnson would be picked

  2. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    good job IPNY

  3. Honestly, the IPNY has been a disappointment for years. For regularly having the #3 ballot line, they’ve done nothing with it. For a group that uses Independence in its name, it certainly has never shown meaningful independence from the Republican/Democrat establishment.

  4. Technical there are two IP’s. There is what is called the IP controlled by the state chairman and the IPNYC Organizations that represents New York City. After 18 court cases, the state committee controls the selection of candidates except for the IPNYC who controls the selection of NYC’s Mayor, Comptroller, and Public Advocate. NYCIP also maintains the grassroots for partitioning and GOTV for around 100,000 voters that includes over 3,000 County Committee members and around 100 Executive Committee members.

  5. #4- Cont. The 100,000 are members of IPNYC. We also represent around 750,000 independents that can not vote in our closed primaries.

  6. The CP didn’t name anyone in 1968 because they didn’t want to lose Nixon or Wallace votes by naming the other as the nominee.

  7. #6, I don’t agree. William F. Buckley and his brother James were very influential leaders of the Conservative Party in the mid-1960’s and late-1960’s, and they were utterly opposed to George Wallace. The party leadership wanted very badly to nominate Richard Nixon but they couldn’t.

  8. I wonder if this has anything to do with the Bloomberg campaign finance situation.

  9. @ 6 – in 1968 a motion was made at the Conservative Party’s state committee meeting to nominate electors pledged to George C Wallace. The motion was defeated 112 to 15, indicating the lopsided support for backing the Republican ticket rather than the Wallace campaign.

    In 1972 the Conservative Party endorsed the Nixon Republican electors, by a vote of 156 to 38, with the minority backing Congressman John Schmitzs of the American Party. Still not close.

  10. Phil Sawyer · · Reply

    In 2008, when the Independence Party of New York nominated John McCain instead of Ralph Nader, it seemed pretty strange to me. In 2012, things appear even more bizarre with that Party.

  11. The IPNY isn’t any better than the D’s or R’s.

  12. natural born citizen party · · Reply

    IPNY OTBs for every office in every primary election cycle is the only cure for the instant corruption of the “indpendent” (non enrolled) voter. a new state court suit regarding the IPNY enrollment “lock-box” set to close in three weeks is being prepared for filing when ripe.

  13. el pee (on) R,D · · Reply

    They have off track betting in every office? Dang.

  14. 7 & 9) That was the story I was told by a good source. Thanks for the infomation. Also, has or will the IP of Minnesota name anyone for president.

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