Pennsylvania Supreme Court Sends Photo Voter-ID Case Back to Lower Court

On September 18, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued this opinion in Applewhite v Commonwealth, 71 MAP 2012. This is the case over whether the new law, requiring voters at the polls to show government photo-ID, violates the Pennsylvania Constitution. The decision says that the lower court, which had upheld the law last month, must reconsider the case. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court opinion says that when the Commonwealth Court upheld the law, the Commonwealth Court was guessing about too many variables concerning exactly how the new law will work. Therefore, the Commonwealth Court is instructed to hear the case again, this time with a better record. The vote was 5-2. The two dissenters would simply have invalidated the law. Thanks to Michael McDonald for the link.


  1. And the bloodless coup against democracy continues.

  2. el pee (on) R,D · · Reply

    How long until it becomes bloody?

  3. Shouldn’t mix metaphors, but I’m afraid the American electorate is the frog in the frying pan. It doesn’t know it’s being boiled to death…bloodlessly.

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