Gary Johnson Qualifies for the Guam "Beauty Contest" Presidential Election

Guam is the only U.S. possession that holds a November vote for President. Because Guam has no electoral votes, the popular results don’t “count”. Guam has been holding such popular votes for President in November starting in 1980.

The Guam presidential ballot will contain President Obama, Mitt Romney, and Gary Johnson, according to the Guam Election Commission.

Past Libertarian Party presidential showings in Guam have been: 2008 .66%; 2004 .20%; 2000 1.20%; 1996 1.54%; 1992 .67%; 1988 .53%; 1984 .50%; 1980 .80%.


  1. Any any other third party candidates been included in these popular results from different years?

  2. Whoop-dee-do. Put up your Gary Johnson 2012 signs next to your margarita stands?

  3. Robert McHugh · · Reply

    Who would think that Guam would Bette democratic than Oklahoma or Michigan?

  4. The sad thing is that if Guam was a French colony rather than an American one, its citizens would be entitled to cast real votes for president and have a real voting representative in parliament, rather than conducting a beauty contest for president and electing a non-voting delegate to Congress.

  5. Guam maybe a US territory without the right to vote for president. But since Guam started voting for president in its straw poll it has ALWAYS voted correctly for the winner. Guam is the only place that can be called the bellweather of the country. Fortunately since Guam is 15 hours ahead of EST our results will already be announced and if we follow our record you will know who will be our next president befor most of the US casts its ballots. This information can be verified withe Guam Election Commission

  6. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #5 is correct. However, in my recollection, the U.S. mainland news media never even reports the Guam vote, even though the results are available in the middle of the night (from the perspective of the mainland U.S.) before Tuesday voting starts in the mainland. The U.S. press utterly ignores the Guam vote, in my experience and memory.

  7. Walter Ziobro · · Reply

    Reply to #5 &#6: If I recall correctly, the Drudge Report reported the early results in 2008. Anyway, even if Matt fails in 2012 to report them, just go the the Pacific Daily News website to get the results.

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