Merlin Miller Meets With Iran's President

Merlin Miller, presidential nominee of American Third Position, met with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, last week. See this story, which says the two men spent twenty minutes together. Miller was in Iran for a film festival. He was interviewed for 12 minutes on PressTV, Iran’s government-owned international news network. Thanks to one of my commenters for the link.


  1. el pee (on) R,D · · Reply

    Shame on Ahmadinejad for allowing this.

  2. Here’s the link to the PressTV interview if anyone is interested.

  3. “Shame on Ahmadinejad for allowing this”

    Shame on the warmongers Romney and BHO for continuing to exist.

  4. a white supremacist meets with a persian supremacist. hmm.

  5. This is just ridiculous. Its gonna be amusing to see how many votes the A3P gets…

  6. @JamesT, Agreed and my guess is somewhere in the low triple digits.

  7. @:-) since when is he a white supremacist?
    @JamesT considering he is only on the ballot in three states; probably not a lot.

  8. el pee (on) R,D · · Reply

    “Shame on the warmongers Romney and BHO for continuing to exist.”

    That too.

  9. @:-) lol
    All the links that you have have linked by to the SPLC which has categorized Occupy Wall Street as a right wing group. That group has provided numerous material which has been proven not to be true and are known to be extremely biased on their information. Also, none of your information stated has said that Merlin Miller is a white supremacist which is what your original claim made.

  10. J,D, FARGO · · Reply


  11. Richard Winger · · Reply

    #9, in Merlin Miller’s TV interview, he discusses the errors on the wikipedia page. He says someone keeps saying he has a policy of hiring only white people for his film company. He points out that he is his firm’s only employee, but also he mentions that his films include people of all races. He says he fixes the wikipedia page but then someone changes it right back again.

  12. Wow. That’s exciting. A racist and man of no consequence betrays his country, meets with a terrorist, attends a film festival that could have been sponsored by Goebbels. It’s nice that Merlin was so clear that he and Ahmadinejad are so close in their views.

  13. #13 I don’t think the US really needs any more neo-McCarthyite witch hunting super-patriots like you apparently are. Please reform and distribute USS Liberty literature to your allies at the local Christian Zionist church. You can get downloads at:

  14. As Eugene Debs once observed, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

  15. #14 What the US doesn’t need is anti-Semitic crackpots traveling around the world to meet with tyrants. But thanks for playing.

  16. Reality check. · · Reply


    All you clowns above are real senile retards posting links to the biased SPLC (like that means anything). You call him a white supremacist, really? Is that all you guys got left are the insults of your brainwashed youth?

    If he is a white supremacist as you all insist then Obama who indulged in racial politics and spent 20 years in an Afro-centric church is a black supremacist. Oh, and the Rupulictards must e anti-Arab supremacist since many of them believe Arabs and in-particular the Palestinians are an “invented people” who don’t deserve the same rights as the chosen ones.

    Romney visits the real terrorist state in Israel, a state the bombs civilians, a state that restricts the rights of people based on what they look like, a state that favors one group of people and their religion as chosen, and yet, you retards call the leadership in Iran “Persian supremacist”. Everyone is a supremacist if they aren’t pro-Israel and support the Affirmative action racial status-quot in America where all races have a platform at the tale except for the interest of white people.

    Merlin Miller, I wish you were on the ballot in my state.

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